Prof. Luigi Pannarale


It covers all aspects of medical and surgical ophthalmology, with a special interest in the retinal diseases.
The ophthalmic examination and instrumental diagnostic are carried out at the private study site in Rome, Via Bertoloni 15.
Surgical activity is carried out at the private clinic “Sanatrix” in Rome (connected with insurances) and in structures accredited with the National Health Service
In Rome: Meta Medica Ambulatory Surgery Center.
In Civitavecchia: Hospital “Siligato”.

Non surgical treatments

  • intravitreali injections of “Anti VEGF” (Avastin, Lucentis, Macugen) for age-related macular degeneration, choroidal neovascular membrane in high myopia, diabetic retinopathy and other neovascular diseases
  • laser-photocoagulation for the prophylaxis of retinal detachment
  • cryogenic treatments for the prophylaxis of retinal detachment
  • laser-photocoagulation for diabetic retinopathy
  • laser-photocoagulation for glaucoma
  • cryogenic treatments for glaucoma
  • treatments by YAG-laser for secondary cataract
  • treatments by YAG-laser for narrow-angle glaucoma
  • treatments by YAG-laser for pupillary ectopia
  • treatments by excimer laser for myopia, asthigmatism, hyperopia
  • treatment of the lacrimal tract deseases.


  • surgery of retinal detachment according to the methods of scleral surgery of M. R. Pannarale and methods of vitrectomy of other authors also
  • the cataract surgery by various techniques
  • the cataract surgery in cases to risk defects or complicated for iridei, zonulari etc.
  • the cataract surgery in cases of myopia high with contextual vitrectomy for vitreous opacity (techniques for fachivitrectomia sec. M. R.Pannarale and personal)
  • secondary implants of intraocular lenses with use of IOLs mod. PAN (Soleko) of designed by M. R. and L. Pannarale
  • glaucoma surgery by deep sclerectomy and by trabeculectomy
  • glaucoma surgery with Ahmed implants
  • corneal graft, also combined with cataract extraction and IOL implantation
  • strabismus surgery in children and adults also for complicated cases